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Who can always be seen working at fun events around the city and in shopping malls, kids` birthday parties in playrooms and large fast food restaurants? Entertainers, that`s right!

Now, imagine entertainers who do similar work but in summer resorts, campsites and hotels. They are responsible for sports, kids, evening and other fun activities for people on vacation.

For those of you who like to work with people, this job is everything you dream of. Your task is to communicate with people and create a pleasant atmosphere - the most important ingredient for a perfectly done job. The sea, the sun, the beach, a great team, lots of people, lots of laughter and crazy competitions describe those unique moments that we all remember forever.

Sounds complicated? It's not, actually. See, you will know your daily activities in advance as well as which of your colleagues joins you in them. The team leader is going to give you all the instructions you need so you don`t need to worry about a thing. The real icing on the cake is knowing that all this is even easier if you enjoy doing sports, working out, working with children and socializing with people.

You like sports but working with children is not your strong side? Or vice versa? No need to worry about that either. We work in teams where we have a sports entertainer to perform sports activities, a fitness entertainer for group fitness programs, a kids entertainer to work with children and a team leader who organizes the overall work. And there are not only 4 of us in team. Sometimes, we are 20.

No experience? You will acquire it with us. It is important that you like working with people, that you are cheerful, communicative and ready for new work challenges and an unforgettable summer adventure.


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