You can apply by clicking on the online application on the page or by sending us your CV, photo and application to info@animatori.hr.

The earliest possible time you can start working is the end of March or the beginning of April. The latest is the beginning of July, generally speaking.

Artists, dancers, musicians, foreign language speakers, athletes, activity lovers, those who love working with children, fitness and yoga instructors, sound and lighting technicians, very communicative people with a general interest in everything we mentioned above, that is, those who have an affinity for the above characteristics.

You need to be 18+ years old.

Basically, we spend 6.5 to 7 hours a day on activities.

Each entertainer has one day off per week, defined according to the needs. Most often these are Saturday or Sunday.

It is important that you are available for work for the entire month of July and August.

After applying, you wait for an appointment for an interview, which can be via e-mail or phone.

You can work as a student with a regular student contract or with a regular registration for work. 


Click on the link and fill out the online application
Send your CV, photo and application to